How to avoid desk fever when you have anxiety

Working a 9-5 office job is difficult for lots of people including me, and it can be even worse if you suffer from anxiety too. But unless we’re going to win the lottery tomorrow (can this be organised please?) we have to stick these jobs out for several reasons – number one on my list being booze & bills.

Having navigated some stressful workplace situations myself, I’ve discovered a few ways that help me to embrace the calm and enjoy my day. I like to think of it this way: while you may be working on your own big business plans, it can be hard to enjoy the daily grind but these little tips really help to make it that little bit easier until your dreams come to fruition 🙂

Desk 101

1. A good, strong-scented hand cream

The power of a strong scented hand cream is really underestimated… and more importantly they look pretty on your desk.  Uplifting scents make you feel refreshed when you start to feel sluggish. I rub it on my hands and my neck and I like really revitalising scents like this citrus one by Champneys and Body Shop’s spiced apple (smells a bit like Mcd’s apple pie but better – drooliiiing)

Untitled design

2. A clean space

I hate the feeling of drowning in briefs or feeling like I’m surrounded by STUFF. It clutters my mind and I get stressed and can’t make my porridge properly. Even if your company don’t give you one, you need a desk organiser – a Whistles shopping bag, just somewhere to shove all your paperwork. I try to just keep what I need that week and on a Friday I bin or if I need it for longer (proof) I scan it into my computer and then shred.

3. Have a constant source of water

By the time I get into work I feel like I’ve walked the Arabian desert with sandpaper in my mouth (my journey’s only half an hour long but it’s stress.) I use a Voss bottle so I don’t have to keep going back and forth to the kitchen and I fill it up three times a day. I also have my own glass that I hide in my desk as I don’t like the morning stress of finding a non-stained cup… but if your office is less gross you don’t need that.


[Image credits:; Style Structure; Sugar & Cloth]


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