The power of podcasts: My top 3 for getting through the day


I’m back!! I nearly sunk so far into my holiday blues that I almost became a slightly tanned recluse, who just sits harking back to my week off in croissant heaven. But, I managed to refocus, get back into the swing of things (finally unpacked my suitcase after 2 and half weeks) and am ready to conquer the world.

Well no, but I’m back at work and returning to the desk after a period of travel can be a tough task for even the most positive and preppy of people (I do not subscribe to this group.) Swapping sunsets and gorgeous coastal scenery for the office ‘mood’ board (a few screen grabs and Post Its saying ‘???’) is hard to adjust to.

But then I remembered my faithful podcasts. If you are not part of the podcast gang (yes we are a gang, consisting of me and my cat apparently) then… well you don’t get a badge. Seriously, if you find working tough – as many of us Millennials do – podcasts could be your office saviour.

Ever find yourself at home after work saying ‘I never have time for me!!!’ ? I often used to find myself crying it by the kettle, but podcasts give you that killing-two-birds-with-one-stone feeling… (nicer than it sounds.)

Tick off two things from your checklist while ploughing through your workload – get that article finished annnd find out what sexcapades Belinda got into this week (will explain later.)

So here are my top 3 YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO for you podcast virgins. Thank me later. Or now. Always happy to accept food gifts at any time.

1. My dad wrote a porno 

Unless you live under a rock or just happen to have a life that doesn’t consist of listening to ill-written erotica, then you should know this one.

It’s hilarious, dirty (kind of?) and the hosts, Alice Levine, Jamie Morton and James Cooper, make you feel like you’re in the pub with your friends and you might of accidentally just weed a little from laughing too much. Great for days when you feel like you have no friends (ADMIT IT, those days happen all too often *violins*)

2. The Truth

The Truth, in their own words, ‘make movies for your ears.’ Perfect if you feel like work is robbing you of crucial Netflix hours or you sit too close to your boss to have YouTube on all day.

Short stories, all different – from the weird and wonderful to the slightly scary and a little dark. Some of my favourites are Can you help me find my mom? The dark end of the mall (if you are going to listen to just one, make it this one) and Do the voice.

3. Serial

This one takes a little bit more concentration, good for little odd jobs but maybe not best for listening to when you have a huge brief. Sarah Koenig unfolds the true story about the disappearance of Hae Min Lee in Baltimore and the conviction of her ex boyfriend Adnan Syed.

Fascinating, great for wannabe detectives like myself. You will love if you liked Making a Murderer, The OJ Simpson Trial or any other miscarriages of justice. Get your lawyer hat on. Shit’s about to go down.

Hope you enjoyed this – please comment if you know any other amazing podcasts! I love recommendations and will do another one of these when I have more to obsess over.


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